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Exploring the theme of Fate’s adversarial role in a relationship, how destiny, if you believe in such a thing, plays an important role in how our lives turn out. It’s an exciting challenge solving the puzzle of how we are able to communicate such a personal, and yet universally experienced, stage in life.

Directed and edited by: Rob Bell
Production: Elisa Messi & Flavio Carlotti
Photographer: Daniel Housley
Cast: Marina Meinero, Lorena Sheriff, Jan Tononi
Composer: Flavio Carlotti
Mix & Master: Jimmy Priest by Unreal Sound Studio
Fashion Stylist: Elisa Messi
Hair & Make-Up: Laura Fabbris
Sculptors: Ascanio Maria Bolzonella, Laura Fabbris
Voiceover Artist: Marina Meinero
Countertenor and Tenor: Mario Tardini
Backstage Photographer: Nicola Sturm
Produced by 1190 Productions

Winner and Officially selected in multiple International Film Festivals.

Watch the audience feedback video from the Style, Experimental, Fashion Film Festival and read the interview of the Creative Team here.

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Ula, Gem of the Sea

Ula, a Celtic name meaning ‘Gem of the Sea’, is an appreciation of the abundance and ‘jewels’ that nature offers. Produced by 1190 Productions on location in the South Coast of England, it features distinctly raw textures and jewellery to echo the beauty of its surroundings.

Creative Direction and Styling: Elisa Messi & Katharine Moss
Photography: Daniel Housley
Hair & Make-Up: Carolina Sforza
Model: Kristina Sukelyte

Produced by 1190 Productions.

Fashion: Blenxcode, Jessica Jue, Elisa Messi, Morgan Sinclair Designs, Etta Gray Jewellery

Props & Vintage Bag: Candymoss

As seen on Flanelle.

Dreamer of September

With a distinct and romantic appreciation of nature, Dreamer of September depicts a journey from late summer into the dark of winter, embracing and honouring the life force of each season.

Creative Direction: Elisa Messi & Katharine Moss
Photography: Daniel Housley
Hair and Make-Up: Carolina Sforza
Model: Giulia Broccatelli
Videographer: Luke Annett
Music Composer: Flavio Carlotti
Sound Engineer: Jimmy Priest by Unreal Sound Studio

Produced by 1190 Productions.

Fashion & Jewellery: Elisa Messi
Props & Vintage White Dress: Candymoss

As seen on Lo’Ammi.

Riproduci video

Elisa Messi is the Head of Fashion and Co-Producer of 1190 Productions. You can learn more about the collective here.