Reality Re-Fashioned by Alysia Saunders

By seeking to re-define the physical state of being, this project questions both how we view ourselves in physical spaces, and how we use this to project ourselves into the world around us.

Utilising new-age technologies such as 3D scanning, augmented reality
and projection mapping, we reconsider the many layers of ‘reality’, and what it truly means to be present in an ever-changing digital world.

The project responds to classic and contemporary artistic methods – such as surrealism and traditional photomontage – by re-imagining them to
form new meaning. The project reveals how we can utilise these traditional
methods within our new multi-layered, re-ordered lives.

Re-considered and Re-designed. This is ‘Reality Re-Fashioned’.

– Alysia Saunders –

A collaboration with elisa messi

Elisa was involved in the project by providing three of her handmade unique resin looks. The red wetlook dress, along with earrings and shoes of the same colour, was chosen by Alysia to be digitally scanned and 3D printed life-size.

Total of 22 separate 3D printed pieces (image below).

Riproduci video